Keep campaign signs off state right of way

If you’re going to put up campaign signs this spring, keep them out of the state highway right of way.

If not, they will be removed, the Kentucky Department of Highways says in a news release.

Here’s the article:

“As the political campaign season heats up, Kentucky Department of Highways crews face an increasing number of campaign signs on the state highway right of way — signs that must be removed for safety purposes.

Acting State Highway Engineer Steve Waddle said state highway workers are required to remove and discard hundreds of signs during each election cycle. The signs can pose hazards for drivers and for maintenance crews.

“Signs on the right of way often restrict sight distance near intersections and create a hazard in the ‘clear zone,’ which is the recovery area for motorists who run off the road,” Waddle said. “They also interfere with maintenance activities such as roadside mowing, which will be starting soon.”

Kentucky law and Transportation Cabinet policy prohibit the placement of political or other advertising signs on state right of way, including signs attached to utility poles within the state right of way.

Illegal signs will be moved to the state highway garage in each county and kept for two weeks. Owners may claim them by showing identification and completing a claim form. Unclaimed signs will be discarded.

“Employees who are removing signs are acting in the best interest of all motorists and of maintenance crews,” Waddle said. “We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding.”

One Response

  1. So how many feet wide, on the side of a state road, is the right-of-way?! If you don’t make that known, a person might get FINED for failing to do what you demand!

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