Words upon words at the conventions

Watching speeches from the last two weeks of political conventions, viewers no doubt picked up on those key buzzwords that speakers were zeroing in on – “change,” “God,” “taxes,” “health care.”

To help those of you not keeping count, there’s The New York Times, which took a look at how often certain words were tossed out from the podiums in Denver and Minnesota by Democrats and Republicans. 

It’s interesting to note the Democratic speakers said  John McCain’s name about three times more frequently than Republicans mentioned Barack Obama. Also, Democrats focused on President Bush much more than Republicans, and mentioned the outgoing president’s name 46 times for every seven times Republicans did.

Thanks to Pat Crowley with the Kentucky Enquirer for posting this tally on his blog.

15,000 misfits, egos and terrible suits gathered in Denver

Justin Peters with the Columbia Journalism Review takes a look at the 15,000 journalists who have converged on the Colorado’s capital city this week for the Democratic National Convention.

One of my favorite parts is Peters describing the credentialing process and the group relegated to “Denver’s answer to the Island of Misfit Toys—

“bloggers, activists, eighteen-year-olds, men wearing giveaway T-shirts, men complaining about having to pay eleven dollars for parking. One intrepid credentialee is so devoted to his job that he is videotaping the room, like a tourist. A DemBot hustles over and stops him. “There is a lot of sensitive material in this room,” he says. There is most definitely not. “

Thanks to Mark Hebert with WHAS-TV in Louisville for finding this article and posting a link on his blog.

Rubbing elbows with top Dems in Denver

Owensboro businesswoman and Democratic diehard Moretta Bosley bumped into quite the big-name crowd this week while in Denver attending her seventh Democratic National Convention.

In a phone interview this morning, Bosley said she was riding an elevator on her way to an interview with Fox News when she was joined on the elevator car by former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter, former presidential contender John Kerry and Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Bosley attended a reception Monday night that she had expect to be an overly crowded “mob scene,” but turned out to be much calmer affair with two hours of music provided by Willie Nelson.

“It’s exciting and it’s uplifting and we’ve had some exciting times,” Bosley said.

I’ve caught up with Bosley along with her fellow Owensboro delegate Charlie Moore, a local attorney, as well as Owensboro native Kim Glenn, the daughter of state Rep. Jim Glenn who now lives in Ft. Mitchell and is attending her first Democratic National Convention.

Look for the full story in Thursday’s Messenger-Inquirer.