Boswell tops Guthrie in early October fundraising

The most recent campaign finance reports show Democrat David Boswell again outpacing Republican Brett Guthrie in fundraising in Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District race. 

Boswell, a state senator from Sorgho, raised more than $120,000 during the first two weeks of October while laying out more than $215,000 in campaign cash.

During the same period, Guthrie, a state senator from Bowling Green, brought in $85,500 in contributions while spending more than $340,000, with the majority of that going toward producing and airing campaign commercials. 

Despite lagging behind Boswell in fundraising since June 30, Guthrie still has a considerable war chest to draw from during the final weeks of the campaign. As of Oct. 15, Guthrie had $424,000 in cash on hand compared to the $138,000 in campaign cash Boswell has available. 

Both candidates continue to rely heavily upon political action committees, with Boswell bringing in $49,000 in PAC money during the two-week period and Guthrie receiving $34,000. 

Among the contributors to Boswell’s campaign are the campaign of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and her political action committee, which together contributed $7,000 to Boswell’s effort.

During the campaign, Boswell has faced an effort by Republicans to paint him as beholden to Pelosi and “liberals in Washington” which was sidetracked in part by his endorsement by the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative members of the U.S. House that includes U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler. 

Guthrie received a $5,000 contribution from the Senate Majority Fund, a political action committee affiliated with U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the Senate minority whip. A recent article in the Arizona Republic looked at Kyl as the possible successor to Sen. Mitch McConnell if McConnell loses his re-election bid this year. 

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More money coming into the Kentucky 2nd race

Since last week’s campaign finance reports were filed in Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District, money has continued to flow in for Democrat David Boswell and Republican Brett Guthrie. 

Boswell, who topped Guthrie in the third quarter in fundraising with $313,000, has seen at least an additional $21,800 come into his campaign, according to 48-hour notice reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. 

Federal campaign finance law requires candidates to report contributions of more than $1,000 within 48 hours of receiving them if those contributions come in within 20 days of the election. 

Boswell received contributions late last week from the Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee ($5,000), the New House PAC ($2,500), the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians ($5,000), the Communication Workers of America-COPE ($2,500), the United Mine Workers of America ($2,500) and others. 

Guthrie hasn’t seen as many larger contributions since the last reports were filed Oct. 15 and had only 48-hour notice reports denoting a $2,300 contribution from Sheryl Downing and a $1,300 from John Downing, both of Bowling Green. 

Despite the additional funds coming in in the last several days, Guthrie still maintains a large lead in cash on hand with two weeks left in the campaign. Through Oct. 15, Guthrie had close to $700,000 in his campaign chest compared to about $232,000 for Boswell.

The next campaign finance reports are due Thursday and will be the last overall glimpse of the finances of federal candidates until the Nov. 4 election. 

If you want to do your own digging in campaign finance reports, visit the Federal Election Commission’s Web site. And more information about who the groups are that are helping finance these campaigns can be found at, the site run by the Center for Responsible Politics.


Guthrie added a few more high-dollar contributions Tuesday, including $2,500 from the American Society of Anesthesiologists PAC, $1,500 from the International Foodservice Distributors and $1,000 from TexasPAC. 

Boswell added another $7,500 in contributions, with the American Postal Workers Union, the Associated Milk Producers Inc. PAC, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail PAC, Land O’Lakes Inc. PAC and United Technologies Corp. PAC among the contributors.

Guthrie raises $250K in third quarter; Boswell tops him with $313K

The campaign of Republican Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green announced today it brought in $250,000 during the third quarter and spent nearly that much as the 2nd Congressional District race moved into television advertising and candidates stepped up campaign rhetoric. 

Since joining the race in late January, Guthrie has raised more than $1 million for his effort to fill the seat being vacated next year by fellow Republican Ron Lewis of Cecilia. 

Guthrie had $680,000 in cash on hand heading into the final month of the campaign, which is about $20,000 more than he had in his campaign chest at the close of the previous quarter that ended June 30. 

Of the $250,000 Guthrie brought in this quarter, about $150,000 was from individuals while the rest came from political committees including PACs. The campaign spent $231,000 during the three-month reporting period. 


Democrat David Boswell topped his Republican opponent in fundraising last quarter but still lagged behind Guthrie in cash on hand heading into the final month of the campaign. 

A release from the Boswell camp showed Boswell brought in $313,000 in contributions from July through the end of September while dishing out $125,500 as he campaigned. 

Boswell closed out this most recent reporting period with $232,100 on hand – a vast improvement over the last reporting period that ended June 30 and left Boswell with only $45,000 in campaign cash. 

Boswell received $197,000 of his contributions from individuals and $115,000 from political committees. 

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Columnist’s view of 2nd District race making the rounds

Political columnist Stuart Rothenberg penned a piece for Roll Call that appeared earlier this week taking a look at fundraising in congressional races around the country and predicting losers in some races where contenders just don’t have the cash.

One of those races for Rothenberg is the Kentucky 2nd where two state senators are competing for the seat currently held by Ron Lewis, a Cecilia Republican who has been in office since 1994 and abruptly dropped out of the race in January just minutes before the filing deadline.

The 2nd District contest between Democrat David Boswell of Sorgho and Republican Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green when it comes to fundraising isn’t much of a contest as it stands right now, with Guthrie having 13 to one advantage in dollars over Boswell at the close of June.

That disparity leads Rothenberg to go ahead and call the race for Guthrie, despite the fact more than three months of campaigning and fundraising still lie ahead and neither candidate has mounted a major campaign this summer.

Here’s a snippet from Rothenberg’s column, which has been widely circulated and republished.

“Kentucky 2nd district hopeful David Boswell was promoted by some Democrats as a strong contender for retiring Rep. Ron Lewis’ (R) open seat. Yes, said Democrats about the Owensboro-Bowling Green district, it’s conservative, but the Democratic state Senator is a good fit for it.

Well, Boswell’s June 30 cash-on-hand total of $45,000 should end that talk. Republican nominee Brett Guthrie’s $661,000 in the bank means that, barring a total turnaround of finances, this race is over.”

Guthrie has already started a radio ad campaign, and both continue to make the rounds to shake hands and greet folks around the 21-county district this summer. Boswell is riding a wave of better name recognition that appears to have helped carry him to victory in the May primary and has taken on a new campaign manager, Bill Cox, who had been an adviser this spring.

We’ll see how Rothenberg’s assessment holds up – there’s still a lot of stumping, advertising and check-writing to be had before voters head to the polls on Nov. 4. And there are likely more variables at play in this 2nd District contest this year than can be seen from a columnist’s desk in Washington, D.C.

Any thoughts on Rothenberg’s take?

Lewis divvies out campaign cash to causes, candidates and staff

Paired with this week’s news about how congressional candidates are matching up in their ability to bring in campaign dollars are the finance reports filed by those whose election runs ended early or whose careers in Washington, D.C., are ending.

While Republican Brett Guthrie and Democrat David Boswell have been appealing to contributors as they make a campaign to represent Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District, the man currently filling that seat, Ron Lewis, has been dishing out his chest of campaign dollars. Continue reading