Sabato predicts Dems will pick up KY-2 seat

Larry Sabato with the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics is predicting a gain of between 26 and 35 seats in the U.S. House by Democrats on Tuesday, including the Kentucky 2nd. 

In a new list of predictions on House races nationwide, Sabato lists the 2nd District seat being sought by Democrat David Boswell and Republican Brett Guthrie as one of 29 seats currently held by Republicans that will be won by Democrats this year. 

U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis, a Cecilia Republican, announced his retirement in January after seven terms in Congress. 

Sabato is also predicting a 364-174 win by Democrat Barack Obama in the Electorial College and a gain of either 7 or 8 seats by Democrats in the Senate. 

Sabato writes that for the most part these are the final predictions for Crystal Ball, the center’s political Web site, though some changes in races currently listed as “toss-ups” could be made Monday.