Showroom Lounge soon to fall

The new date for Denney Excavating to finish the Executive Inn Rivermont demolition project is May 30, one month before the company must finish under the terms of its contract with the city, Tony Cecil, city operations manager,  said Wednesday. The only part of the hotel still standing is the shell of the Showroom Lounge, which sits on a pad supported by piers over the Ohio River. Denney is currently salvaging windows and other materials from the building. The deck is not rated for heavy equipment, Cecil said, so Denney will have to use other means to take it down.

Cecil said he was told Wednesday by a Denney official that the Showroom Lounge will be taken down late next week or on May 3.

Denney’s work was slowed when it was discovered that the concrete slab beneath the convention center was sitting on an asphalt surface, which also had to be removed.


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  1. And then our idiot mayor will have accomplished his goal of ridding Owensboro of its signature. Now he can truly begin work on his legacy…a ferris wheel in the shape of an “O” with a buffalo sitting next to it. As a famous man once said ” You might be a RedNeck if…”

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