It’s Mechanicsville, not Dugan Best project

What began as the Dugan Best Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan will now be known as the Mechanicsville Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan.

The name change came at the request of residents of the west side neighborhood that will see the infusion of $7.5 million in public and private housing and infrastructure improvement funds over the next four years.

The area was first known as Mechanicsville when it was developed by 29-year-old Robert Conway in 1892. The Dugan Best Recreation Center and Dugan Best Park at West 10th and Omega streets are part of the neighborhood.

Later this year, the Mechanicsville Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan is scheduled to begin with the construction of a section of Omega Street.

What is planned for the Mechanicsville neighborhood is similar to the redevelopment projects that brought improvements to the Baptisttown and Old Germantown neighborhoods in recent years, centering on the construction of many new government subsidized single-family homes, with many other homes renovated and streets, sidewalks and lighting were enhanced, all in an effort to increase home ownership rates and improve the look of the communities and overall quality of life for their residents.


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