Jim Gooch, climate scientist?

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported today state Rep. Jim Gooch Jr., a Providence Democrat, has introduced a resolution that questions the science behind climate change.

Gooch is co-chairman of the House Natural Resources and Environment committee.

Gooch’s resolution – which is co-sponsored by Rep. Joseph Fischer and Rep. Mike Harmon – states: “(A) recent disclosure of communications among scientists associated with the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia has cast serious doubt upon the scientific data that have purportedly supported the finding that manmade carbon dioxide has been a material cause of global warming or global climate change …”

The resolution would prevent state or local agencies from enacting or enforcing “any federal, state or local law, regulation ordinance or executive order that limits, regulates or controls the emission of carbon dioxide.” But the resolution generously says the federal government can enforce its own laws in the state.

The E-mails mentioned in Gooch’s resolution were obtained by people who do not believe human activity (such as burning coals) is contributing to global warming. They say the E-mails prove evidence has been altered to falsely show human activity is contributing to climate change.

When asked about the resolution, Gooch told Courier-Journal reporter James Bruggers: “I do not think our scientists understand the science of our planet.”

If the scientists most involved with climate research do not – as Gooch says- understand “the science of the planet,” it’s hard to believe Gooch has a firmer grasp on the subject. Perhaps Gooch has been hiding his credentials as the Commonwealth’s top climate scientist all these years?


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