House adjourns, 2009 session ends a day early

With several substantial legislative proposals on the table, the 2009 regular session of the General Assembly ended a day early Thursday and set the stage for the possibility of special session this summer.

The early end came after the House voted to adjourn for the session over the objections of some lawmakers and Gov. Steve Beshear, who had urged action on an economic development incentives bill and a proposal to create a transportation infrastructure authority.

“The (House Democratic) caucus was of the opinion that this has been a good session,” House Speaker Greg Stumbo, a Prestonsburg Democrat, said. “There are some issues that are still out there, but nothing that can’t be dealt with at a later date.”Senate President David Williams said he wouldn’t criticize the move by the House, but said that the blame for these bills not being resolved before the end of the session rests with the House.

“The speaker knows what the House said. Everyone in Kentucky knows what the House did,” said Williams, a Burkesville Republican. “They have their own reasons they killed a very important piece of legislation. … That doesn’t mean we can’t come back and resolve these issues at a later date.”

The House’s move broke with what had become almost a tradition of using the final two days of the session to hash out differences between the House and Senate on legislative proposals.

Under legislative rules that can be suspended, the two days are supposed to be use solely for overriding vetoes by the governor. Last year’s session ended with lawmakers working beyond the midnight deadline for the session and having a number of bills, including the state’s road plan, declared invalid.

Stumbo explained that House leadership had recommended to the caucus that the House adhere to the rules and that the final two days be used only to override vetoes and not take up additional legislation.

“What we can say is that we’ve established a precedent that we as a House intend to be serious about our rules,” said Stumbo, a Prestonsburg Democrat. “This last-minute rush to judgment isn’t a good way to conduct business here. That’s not to say that it’s not sometimes necessary.”

Rep. John Arnold, a Sturgis Democrat whose district includes a portion of western Daviess County, said the move was needed to ensure no legislation is passed in haste and because agreements with the Senate over legislation were broken. “They’ve changed some things they said they weren’t going to change, and it’s time to close the doors, time to go home,” Arnold said.

Read more about how the session wrapped up in Friday’s Messenger-Inquirer.


One Response

  1. One has to scratch ones head to figure why Stumbo oped out he Legislative session early. And, yet some important issues were not addressed.

    House Speaker Stumbo wants to make sure his herd follows the rules and does not make the mistake of an early adjournment. If you believe that, then . . .. . .

    Here is the plan.

    When a special session is called and the Governor identifies the issue for the call . . . the rules change.

    Remember a few weeks back , Speaker Stumbo was meeting with members to get a feel for his SLOTS BILL.
    I mean the one arm bandits that are supposed to save the Thoroughbreds. Mostly owned by BLUE BLOODS.

    I suggest this plan was structured shortly after Stumbo became the Speaker. Governor Beshear will call a special session to announce a need for more revenue. There will be press clippings that Kentucky is much deeper in the hole than we first discovered. This is supposed to create a need in the mind of the uninformed.


    The idea of slots, pardon me, that is a vulgar word, VIDEO TERMINALS at racetracks is back and looking good for passage. The normal rules are suspended under the special called session.

    This was the plan all along. Here we are with a special session, the bible belt members of the Assembly were very concerned if they voted for Casinos the last time the issue was raised shy that such a vote might not return them to the Assembly. That was especially true in South East and East Kentucky, the heat of the Bible Belt.


    In order to pass SLOTS, GAMBLING ISSUE, all that is needed in a SPECIAL SESSION is a simple MAJORITY VOTE.

    Stumbo, being an old hat a legislative procedures knew this and silently backed away from forcing the SLOTS issue in the regular term.


    Speaker Stubmo did not have the 2/3Rd’s needed to pass the VIDEO TERMINAL issue. So, he plotted, and it is hard to believe that this idea was not disused with Beshear.

    Now, with a simple majority vote, in special session,
    Stumbo will pass the VIDEO TERMINALS issue claiming over 300 million will be the income. And, that is simply not true.

    Consider this: The MGM Mirage in Vegas is the top player in the gambling structure in Vegas. MGM Grands stock- less than a year ago- was selling for over sixty bucks. That same stock is now listed at less than three dollars per share.

    What does that say about Americans appetite to give away the money of the lower economic class for gambling?
    The largest unemployment in the West is Nevada and much of that is attributed to loss of gambling revenue. As revenue falls so does the amount states receive from gambling. That is way the income projections are wrong.

    It will all take place and the media will not cover this aspect of the issue as there is not enough knowledge among reporters as to where to look for research involving the Gambling Issue.

    One important fact Speaker Stumbo and Governor Beshear can not push back . . .


    Many in the assembly know this, but they choose not to make it an issue in the gambling issue headed for the Spacial Session.

    A telling sign recently was when House Majority Leader Stumbo sold his share of the ownership of a Thoroughbred purchased recently at KEENLAND. He opt to not be in the horse business. Yeah, right.

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