Senate president: Road plan expected tomorrow

Senate President David Williams told reporters this afternoon that he expects the road plan that House and Senate leaders have been working on for more than two weeks to be presented Wednesday.

“We’re getting very near,” Williams said. “We met with the House today and we’ve got a few adjustments, but we’re getting very near.”

The plan is needed since the plan adopted by the legislature last year was ruled invalid for being delivered to Gov. Steve Beshear after the 2008 legislative session ended at midnight on April 15.

The plan will include budgeting state and federal dollars for road and bridge projects along with how the $421 million in transportation dollars the state expects to receive from the federal economic stimulus package should be spent.

House leaders delivered their draft of the plan to Senate leaders just more than a week ago.

The House and Senate will also be considering a proposal to freeze the state’s current motor fuels tax at its current level rather than letting it decrease by 4 cents on April 1 as called for by state law.

The tax is tied to the wholesale price of fuel, which has declined in recent months and prompted the expected decrease in the tax.

Williams, a Burkesville Republican, said he expected the Senate to adopt the freeze proposal, but that will only be taken up after the road plan has been released and members get a chance to see how the money will be spent.

“Everybody will have to make up their own mind,” Williams said.


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