Bits and pieces from Wednesday night

Here are a couple of quick observations and notes about Gov. Steve Beshear‘s address Wednesday night –

  • By my count, the audience broke out in applause 15 times during Beshear’s speech which ran just under 33 minutes. 
  • After the speech, Senate President David Williams, a Burkesville Republican, paid tribute to former House Speaker Jody Richards, a Bowling Green Democrat, for his service leading the House. Richards was unseated by Rep. Greg Stumbo, a Prestonsburg Democrat, this year. Williams and Richards were at odds in recent years, but Williams thanked Richards for his service as the longest-serving House speaker in Kentucky’s history. The comments drew a standing ovation that lasted close to a minute. 
  • Planners for the speech seated next to each other at the front of the House chamber Wednesday state Auditor Crit Luallen and Attorney General Jack Conway, who have both been mentioned as possible candidates for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in 2010. 
  • The speech was followed by a joint press conference by Williams and Stumbo, a preview of a weekly press conference to two will hold each Friday during the session. This revives the weekly joint press conference Williams and Richards used to have but which was done away with several years ago. 

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