U.S. House Dems unveil $825 billion stimulus package

The Washington Post and others are reporting that U.S. House Democrats today unveiled a broad economic stimulus package with a price tag of $825 billion they hope will help jump start the economy. 

The cost of the package tops the $775 billion plan that President-elect Barack Obama put forth earlier this month, and additions to the plan could raise the cost to $1 trillion. 

State governments, including Kentucky’s, along with cities and counties have been jockeying for a piece of the economic stimulus package and are expecting to see funding for transportation and infrastructure projects as part of the final proposal. 

Kentucky Senate President David Williams said last week there is talk that Kentucky could receive as much as $400 million for roads projects under the stimulus plan, and he hopes to have an agreed upon state road plan in place to take advantage of those dollars. 

A Franklin Circuit Court judge ruled last summer that the six-year road plan approved by the legislature in April was void because it was presented to Gov. Steve Beshear’s office after the legislative session had ended. 

On the local level, cities and counties around the state are looking to use federal stimulus dollars for water, sewer, drainage and transportation projects, and have been forwarding lists of those projects to state government over the last several months. 

The House bill offered Thursday includes $550 billion in domestic spending and about $275 billion in tax relief for businesses and individuals, according to The Washington Post. 

The plan reportedly includes $90 billion for Medicaid assistance to states, $80 billion to states for education programs and $85 billion to states for infrastructure projects, according to the article.


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