Boswell pondered retiring, but will return to Frankfort

After considering taking advantage of a closing window in the state’s retirement system, Sen. David Boswell has decided to return to Frankfort and complete his term.

Sen. David Boswell

Sen. David Boswell

Boswell took a look at retiring from the Kentucky Senate because of a change coming Jan. 1 in the way state pensions will be calculated, but said he felt a sense of duty to complete his four-year term in the Senate. 

Currently, the state uses the “high three” years of an employee’s salary to calculate the benefit level, which for Boswell would have been during his term as state agriculture commissioner in the 1980s when he made considerably more than his current legislative salary of $37,950. 

After the first of the year, the top five years of salary will be used to calculate pension benefits, which would mean a reduction in Boswell’s annual retirement benefit.

“I just decided that that was not the best thing to do,” Boswell said of retiring. 

Boswell was elected to his fifth term in the Senate in 2006, and hasn’t ruled out seeking a sixth term in office in 2010.

He said has spent the last month “cleaning up” from his unsuccessful congressional bid in Kentucky’s 2nd District. Boswell, a Sorgho Democrat, fell to Republican Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green, also a state senator, on Nov. 4. 

Sen. Julian Carroll, who was serving as governor when Boswell won a first term in the state House in 1978, said Monday that he had met several times with Boswell to try to convince him to stay in the Senate. 

“I have found him to be one of the most considerate individuals that I have known in Frankfort,” Carroll said. “With his knowledge and experience, I thought it would be really tragic to lose him.”

Look for more on Boswell’s decision in Tuesday’s Messenger-Inquirer.


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