Beshear making the media rounds to talk about first year, budget package

Gov. Steve Beshear has been stopping in to talk with the state’s media outlets about his first year in office and his plans for addressing an expected $456 million shortfall for the state this fiscal year.

Gov. Steve Beshear

Gov. Steve Beshear

With Stephenie Steitzer of the Courier-Journal, Beshear talked about the possibility of a cigarette tax increase, and whether a proposal will come next year. 

Jack Brammer with the Herald-Leader had a Q & A session with the governor in which Beshear talked about the budget challenges he’s faced and responded to questions about working with Senate President David Williams and House leadership races.

Beshear met with Mark Hebert with WHAS 11 in Louisville, and the governor told Hebert that “everything is on the table,” including his own salary, as he looks at ways to balance the budget. 

And not to ignore western Kentucky, Beshear will be in Owensboro Friday to meet with the Messenger-Inquirer’s editorial board to talk about some of the same issues. 

Stay tuned for what the governor has to say during his visit to Owensboro.


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