Lunsford camp offers Halloween costume suggestion

Supporters of Bruce Lunsford received a Halloween costume suggestion from the Louisville Democrat’s campaign today – a  mask of Republican Mitch McConnell. 

The e-mail sent this morning by Lunsford Campaign Manager Brad Katz said the campaign “can’t think of anything scarier than another six years of Mitch McConnell.”

Here’s the rest – 

Another six years of obstructionism, putting his party ahead of Kentucky, avoiding accountability, and keeping America from changing course…. Be honest–he scares you, too.

So this Halloween, we’re offering you the scariest costume in Kentucky: a free downloadable Mitch McConnell mask!

Simply print the pattern, cut it out, and attach the sides with a rubber band.

You’ll be frightening small children (by stealing their health insurance), seniors (with plans to cut Social Security), and all Americans (by protecting corrupt officials, blocking middle class tax relief, and keeping us on the wrong track).


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