Another round of hounds in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race

Republican Mitch McConnell’s campaign has offered its own new take on the famed 1984 ad that featured bloodhounds on the trail of then-incumbent U.S. Sen. Walter “Dee” Huddleston. 

That 24-year-old ad had the hounds searching for Huddleston who was accused of running from his record by McConnell, who beat Huddleston that year to win his first term in Congress. 

With four terms now behind him, McConnell has revamped that 1984 ad to have the hounds now chasing Democrat Bruce Lunsford, who this week offered his own take on the old hound commercial. 

McConnell’s new spot released Friday asks “what would these old hounds find if they went looking for Lunsford?”

“Would they find Bruce in his home in Florida, or California or his residence in Chicago?” the announceer asks. “Would they chase Bruce’s Porsches or jet or would they sniff out Lunsford’s record?”

Check out the new ad – 


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