More developments in “Recordergate”

The Associated Press is reporting that whether Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Bruce Lunsford and a campaign aide will face criminal charges in an incident involving a recorder last week will be up to a Marshall County grand jury. 

Assistant Marshall County Attorney Jason Darnall said Monday it’s probably a “toss-up” whether the grand jury will conclude that criminal charges are warranted in the case. Darnall says the grand jury in the western Kentucky county won’t meet before the election next Tuesday.

The flap is over the alleged theft of a recorder left at Lunsford’s podium during a debate last week at Kentucky Dam Village with Republican Mitch McConnell. 

A staffer with the National Republican Senatorial Committee filed a criminal complaint claiming that his recorder was taken by Lunsford and hours of recordings from the campaign trail were erased. 

Lunsford had denied any wrongdoing in the case and has said the incident is a distraction from the issues in the race.

And PolWatchers is reporting that a NRSC spokeswoman said today that the committee has new evidence in the case that shows Lunsford told his staff to not return the recorder to the NRSC staff, Richard St. Onge III.


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