DCCC drops new ad in 2nd District race

The Democratic Congressional Committee released a third campaign ad in Kentucky’s 2nd District contest on Thursday and again took aim at the family business of Republican candidate Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green. 

The ad, titled “Putting Corporations Ahead of Us,” focuses on the current economic turmoil and puts the blame on “Wall Street CEOs putting themselves first.” Guthrie, who is the company’s vice president of human resources, is referred to as a “corporate executive.”

Again the DCCC makes the allegation that has prompted criticism in the past – that the Guthrie family’s company Trace Die Cast Inc. “shipped work to Mexico.”

Guthrie and Trace Die Cast have repeatedly rebutted that claim, saying the company sells completed products to another auto parts manufacturer in Mexico. That company uses the Trace Die Cast parts in its own parts that are then shipped back to Bowling Green for use at the Corvette plant there. 

No word yet from the DCCC yet about where the ad is running. So far, they have focused on the Louisville and Bowling Green markets, where they have reserved more than $1 million in air time, without targeting the Evansville, Ind., market which includes Boswell’s home turf. 

Take a look – 

The ad comes as the Bowling Green Daily News editorial board today again reprimanded the DCCC and Boswell for the claims the committee has made in its ads about Trace Die Cast, saying it’s “a shame” that Boswell has not condemned the ads .

Boswell has repeatedly said that he has not seen the DCCC’s ads and had nothing to do with their production or message.


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