New Brett Guthrie ad – “Dishonesty” – takes on Boswell in KY-2

Republican Brett Guthrie released a new TV ad today in Kentucky’s 2nd District that takes aim directly at his Democratic opponent David Boswell in a spot called “Dishonesty.”

The ad centers around a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad accusing Guthrie’s company, Trace Die Cast Inc., of shipping jobs to Mexico. 

Guthrie and the company, started by his father, have dismissed the claim as false and Guthrie has focused on clearing the company’s name in numerous public appearances since the ad first aired last month. 

Boswell has said previously that it’s not his ad and he didn’t have a hand in producing it.

The Guthrie ad starts off citing responses to the ad that call it inaccurate and misleading, and has a clip of Boswell saying about false advertising that, “it’s not a good way of doing things, but it’s a fact of life.”

The clip of Boswell is from a debate in Bowling Green last week. 

“David Boswell thinks dishonesty is acceptable?” Guthrie asks. “After 30 years in Frankfort, I guess politics is all he knows.” 

Take a look – 

Boswell released his second spot of the campaign this morning called “American Made” that focuses on his opposition to NAFTA, pro-life and pro-gun stances and opposition to higher taxes.


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