Notes from Tuesday’s Owensboro City Commission meeting

Some bits and pieces from Tuesday night’s meeting of the Owensboro City Commission –

  • Sanitation Superintendent Downey Ward shared some figures from the city’s cleanup effort following the Sept. 14 windstorm. Ward told the commission that the city had 80 streets blocked by fallen trees following the storm and more than 500 damaged or missing signs. So far, the city has collected 58,000 cubic yards of yard waste which weigh approximately 7,350 tons. That amount, collected over three weeks, is equal to what the city typically collects over two years. 
  • The commission unanimously adopted a resolution that shows city government’s support for revision of a countywide ordinance tightening regulation of sexually oriented businesses. City Attorney David Fowler explained that the revisions the county is considering are needed in light of changes in case law since the city and county initially passed similar ordinances in the mid-1990s. 
  • City Manager Bill Parrish announced that the city will be presented with an Enterprise Award from the Kentucky League of Cities at its annual convention later this month for its new English Park boat ramp and scenic overlook. A letter from KLC Executive Director Sylvia Lovely announcing the award stated that the ramp is one of the “best and brightest examples of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in local governance.

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