Richards, Yonts pre-file bill to reverse LRC director’s pay raise

PolWatchers is reporting that House Speaker Jody Richards of Bowling Green has pre-filed a bill with Rep. Brent Yonts of Greenville to reverse a 47 precent pay raise for Legislative Research Commission Director Bobby Sherman. 

A majority of legislative leaders voted in a closed-door meeting this week for the increase that would boost Sherman’s pay from $132,840 to $195,000. Richards, a Bowling Green Democrat, was one of five who voted against the pay increase. 

The raise was reportedly given to keep Sherman from retiring from the post he has held since 1999, and has the support of the leader of the other legislative chamber, Senate President David Williams, a Burkesville Republican.


Polwatchers is reporting that Richards wants legislative leaders to get back together Monday to try to reverse the raise they agreed to this week.


Take a look at the pieces of legislation Richards and Yonts filed on Thursday regarding Sherman’s pay increase.

The first is a simple resolution urging Sherman to reject the pay increase approved by legislative leaders that would only require House approval.

The second is a joint resolution needing the approval of the House and Senate that would rescind the vote approving Sherman’s pay raise and offer him a cost-of-living increase only. Sherman would be required to repay any of the increased salary if the resolution is adopted by both chambers


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