New Guthrie ad follows Tuesday’s Boswell blitz

The campaign of Republican Brett Guthrie dropped a new ad into the rotation today that focuses on Guthrie’s work with Trace Die Cast Inc., the aluminum die casting company started by his father in the late 1980s. 

Titled “Heat,” the ad features Guthrie inside the Trace Die Cast plant in Bowling Green saying that “it’s going to take some heat to change Congress.”

Take a look at the ad – 

According to the ad, it was paid for by the Guthrie campaign and by the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

Guthrie campaign manager Brian Smith said the ad will replace the campaign’s first ad, which began airing Sept. 11 and focused on gas prices, and will be running all over the 21-county district. 

The Guthrie camp also followed up with a press release calling on Guthrie’s opponent, Democrat David Boswell, to renounce a DCCC ad that began airing in Louisville on Tuesday. 

The ad includes a claim that Trace Die Cast sent manufacturing work to Mexico that could have been done in Kentucky. 

The Guthrie campaign and Trace Die Cast asked four Louisville television stations to stop airing the ad with the claim, which it contends is false and unsupportable. Trace Die Cast sells finished auto parts internationally that are eventually used in the assembly of vehicles in this country.

The DCCC issued a release restating the ad’s claim and its support for making the claim.


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