Richards v. Stumbo

Jim Gaines with the Bowling Green Daily News talked to House Speaker Jody Richards and Rep. Greg Stumbo for an article this weekend as the two ramp up their campaigns for January’s House leadership elections. 

Stumbo, a Prestonsburg Democrat and former attorney general, announced last week that he would challenge Richards, a Bowling Green Democrat. 

One of the biggest points of disagreement between the two, who previously worked closely together when Stumbo was House majority floor leader, was their takes on this year’s legislative session. 

Frustration was running high when the session ended at midnight April 15, or a few hours after depending upon who you ask, and many members have voiced their discontent in the following months.

Stumbo appears to be trying to capitalize on that discontent while Richards will no doubt be tapping into the relationships he’s formed during his tenure as House speaker, the longest in the state’s history.


Larry Dale Keeling with the Herald-Leader also has a take on the Richards-Stumbo race in his Sunday column.

Keeling also looks at how the rest of the leadership races shape up, and offers the idea that Rep. Tommy Thompson of Philpot could be chosen as part of a Stumbo-Larry Clark-Bob Damron leadership slate.


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