15,000 misfits, egos and terrible suits gathered in Denver

Justin Peters with the Columbia Journalism Review takes a look at the 15,000 journalists who have converged on the Colorado’s capital city this week for the Democratic National Convention.

One of my favorite parts is Peters describing the credentialing process and the group relegated to “Denver’s answer to the Island of Misfit Toys—

“bloggers, activists, eighteen-year-olds, men wearing giveaway T-shirts, men complaining about having to pay eleven dollars for parking. One intrepid credentialee is so devoted to his job that he is videotaping the room, like a tourist. A DemBot hustles over and stops him. “There is a lot of sensitive material in this room,” he says. There is most definitely not. “

Thanks to Mark Hebert with WHAS-TV in Louisville for finding this article and posting a link on his blog.


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