Kentucky not alone in funding woes for highways, bridges

Check out a article about a discussion this week among five governors about the challenges their states are facing when it comes to getting dollars from the federal government for interstate highway and bridge projects.

This is the same issue that is confronting Kentucky and prompted several legislators to pitch ideas this spring for the establishment of local infrastructure authorities to help fund these “mega” transportation projects with pricetags in the billions.

Gov. Steve Beshear mentioned the issue during his town hall meeting in Owensboro earlier this week, and it appears the discussion will carry over into January’s session of the General Assembly.

Sen. Dorsey Ridley, a Henderson Democrat, said last month that he and Sen. Jerry Rhoads of Madisonville were working with the Beshear administration on legislation to help fund these projects.

Ridley in particular is interested in seeing these projects find some source of funding if the feds don’t follow through with the dollars. His district would benefit from the construction of a new bridge for the extension of Interstate 69 through western Kentucky, a project many lawmakers and business leaders in this area of the state see as crucial for economic development.


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