The mystery of the banana continues

Questions surrounding the unnamed man who approached U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell with a banana at the Fancy Farm picnic last weekend remain unanswered, with even the senator in the dark about the offering.

The man, whose identity is not known, was grabbed by Kentucky State Police troopers when he came from the back of the stage and offered the fruit to McConnell as U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning was approaching the podium to speak Saturday afternoon.

The man was released by the troopers without being charged since he did not appear to intend any harm or to threaten the senator, and the man left the picnic grounds, according to reports.

When asked about the incident Thursday morning prior to his speech at the Rooster Booster Breakfast at the RiverPark Center in Owensboro, McConnell said he was as perplexed by the offering as the rest of the onlookers.

“Actually, I think he was trying to hand it to Jim Bunning,” McConnell said. “(The man) was friendly enough. I didn’t need a banana and neither did Bunning.”

Many who attended the annual picnic in Graves County said this year’s event seemed tamer and more scripted than in past years, and McConnell attributed that in part to the dozens of video cameras that now seem to accompany any political race at the top of the ticket.

“I think the speakers who are running are typically a little more cautious in the era of YouTube and constant coverage,” McConnell said. “I think that’s what you really saw down there at Fancy Farm, which is always disappointing to the reporters.”


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