The listening tour continues…

Gov. Steve Beshear has the next stop in his “listening tour” of the state on Monday in Raceland on Monday, and The Daily Independent of Ashland has a look ahead at the governor’s next visit.

Beshear was in Winchester Thursday night, and the main topic reported in the media was the cigarette tax increase, which apparently received some support from the crowd of 200. Read the Herald-Leader’s account of the town hall meeting here – Alessi does include some of the ideas offered by attendees, including a light rails system for central Kentucky and a school supply tax holiday.

So far – at least from what is being reported – the first three town hall meetings of the 13 Beshear has planned for this month and next don’t seem to be brimming with too many new ideas from the public or a host of new proposals from the governor. If Beshear is using these stops to help him craft his agenda for the 2009 legislative session, at this point it appears that game plan will be similar to the one offered this spring.

It will be interesting to see what the end result of these meetings is and if perhaps, as is usually the case, the meetings are generating more content, feedback and discussion than can fit into a newspaper account.

Hopefully along with covering the Aug. 11 town hall meeting here in Owensboro, I’ll be able to sit in on a few others along the way when he stops in Henderson, Bowling Green and Madisonville and get a clearer picture of what Beshear and the people are saying.


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